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How to Get My Partner to Get a Hearing Aid?

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In many ways, being the partner of someone with hearing troubles can be tough, and certainly comes with its own issues which you are going to have to be aware of and try to work through along the way. If you are in this position, then you might find that there are times when you too need assistance and support, and that is something that you should feel okay about asking for, from whomever you feel can give it to you. There are many common difficulties that arise in such relationships, and one which is especially common is when a partner refuses to get a hearing aid. The reason might be any number of things but whatever it is, you can be sure that you are going to want to try and convince them somehow to get one. Let’s look at how you might do that.

Discuss the benefits

First of all, it might be a good idea to simply discuss some of the benefits of having a hearing aid, so that your partner is in no doubt about why they might want to have one. This might seem obvious, but a lot of people who don’t want to get a hearing aid will have simply convinced themselves that it is because they are not necessary. By focusing on the many benefits of having a hearing aid, you might gradually be able to convince your partner that it is the right thing to do after all. You could talk about the fact that they will be able to follow conversations better, that the TV won’t have to be up so loud or that they are going to feel more socially confident along the way. In any case, it is a good idea to make sure that you are discussing the benefits as an important part of the process.

Talk about the effects of poor hearing

As the partner of someone with hearing loss, you will know very well what kinds of effects there are likely to be due to the fact that one of you can’t hear all that well. In all likelihood, it is even something that affects the relationship to some degree or another. You might find that communication between the two of you has slowly and surely broken down over the years, or that you are even getting frustrated with one another. Focusing on these kinds of drawbacks might help your partner to appreciate just how important it is that they do something about their poor hearing. This is especially true if they are someone who doesn’t like to really think or talk about their hearing loss all that much, as focusing on another aspect of life which is important to them is likely to help make it clear why it is so important to do something about it soon.

Make it clear that their hearing loss is advanced

If you have a partner with severe hearing loss and they are still not convinced that they should get a hearing aid, you might simply need to communicate that it is really very advanced, and that they should try to consider how it might be affecting things somewhat in their life. You should make sure that you have expressed just how advanced the hearing loss looks to be from the outside, as that way you are much more likely to be able to convince them that they should do something about it. It might be that they have convinced themselves it is not that bad, so making this clear could be an important part of the process of getting them to accept it more. This alone might often be all that is necessary to do in order to make sure that your partner appreciates the importance of getting a hearing aid, and the severity of the situation that you are both in.

Go with them to see an audiologist

If the problem is that they are not sure about visiting an audiologist, or that they have not even managed to get that far, then you might want to go with them and help them along when they go. You might even make the appointment and convince them it is the right thing to do. Having you by their side might be all they needed in order to feel ready enough to speak about their hearing loss with a professional. If you are looking for an audiologist who your partner can feel comfortable with, call HEARINC at 234-347-0155 today.