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How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Working Their Best

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If you’ve got hearing loss, wearing hearing aids is likely to greatly improve the quality of your hearing. However, you need to make sure that your hearing aids are well maintained in order to make sure that they’re working their best. Below are just a few different ways in which you can keep your hearing aids working effectively.

Keep your hearing aids clean

Hearing aids need to be cleaned regularly – both as a matter of hygiene and as a way of keeping them working properly. Earwax, dust or other debris could damage your hearing aid. To stop this grime accumulating on your hearing aids, get into a good habit of cleaning your hearing aids every time you take them out.

You should clean hearing aids using a dry cloth or a hearing aid cleaning brush. Avoid using water, alcohol or soap when cleaning your hearing aids as this could damage the device. An audiologist may be able to offer some tips on cleaning your hearing aid - and some may even be able to offer professional cleaning.

Try not to expose your hearing aids to moisture

The battery and other electrical parts within your hearing aid could become damaged if exposed to moisture. For this reason, you should avoid getting your hearing aid wet where possible.

If you’re going swimming or taking a shower, it’s a good idea to take your hearing aid out. You should also make sure to keep your hearing aid in a dry place when not wearing it - avoid leaving it in the bathroom in a location where it could easily get splashed. 

Some hearing aids market themselves as being more ‘water-proof’ than others. However, there are few if any hearing aids that are completely water-proof, so no matter the device, you should always be extra cautious. 

Leave the battery compartment open at night

Moisture can build up in the battery compartment of your hearing aid throughout the day, regardless of whether your ear is exposed to water. Such moisture can corrode your hearing aid’s battery if not allowed to escape. One way to allow this moisture to escape is to leave the battery compartment on your hearing aid open during the night while you’re not wearing it.

By doing this, you can keep your hearing aid in working condition longer without having to replace batteries. Extending the life of batteries will also save you money over time. 

Avoid exposure to heat

High temperatures could cause damage to the batteries and the casing of your hearing aid. For this reason, you should try to avoid exposing your hearing aids to high levels of heat.

How to keep your hearing aids working their best

When not worn, try to keep your hearing aids in a cool place. Avoid placing hearing aids on a shelf or table that is exposed to direct sunlight - especially in the summer. You should also avoid keeping your hearing aid or batteries in a hot car for long periods.

It’s worth noting that many of today’s zinc batteries can also be damaged by extreme cold. While older types of batteries could be kept in a refrigerator to extend their life, you should avoid keeping modern hearing aids or batteries in the fridge. 

Go for regular check-ups with your audiologist

The best way to make sure that your hearing aid is working properly is to arrange regular check-ups with your audiologist. It’s recommended that you get a hearing test every year. During these checkups an audiologist will not only be able to check your hearing ability, but should also be able to check the condition of your hearing aid. 

Of course, you don’t have to wait a year to get your hearing aid checked. If you think that there is a problem with your hearing aid before your check-up is due, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment early. An audiologist should be able to diagnose the problem for you - it could be that your hearing has got worse or it could be an issue with the hearing aid itself that needs repairing. Hearing aids can last from three to seven years on average before needing to be replaced. 

Due an annual checkup? Think your hearing aids may have a problem? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting hearing aids for the first time? Whatever the case, you can contact us at HEARINC and we’ll help you with your hearing needs. You can find out more about our services here on our website. Alternatively, call us at 234-347-0155 to enquire about any questions you may have.