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Sustained Benefits of Hearing Aids

old woman holding a hearing aid

If you are undecided about getting hearing aids then you are not alone. Hearing loss is something that is a common condition and it impacts millions of Americans according to the latest research from the World Health Organization (WHO). But it isn’t something that is only experienced by elderly people. In fact, it has been found in a study by John Hopkins that from Americans ages twelve or over, one in five of them have hearing loss that impacts communication. So, it is a real thing that more and more people are experiencing. Despite all of these numbers showing just how many people experience hearing loss, it is estimated that only around 20% of people who need help with their hearing actually wear hearing aids. 

Hearing aids are just what they say; an aid to help you hear. But not only that, any audiologist will tell you that they also provide some benefits for the people using them, including improved communication and making it simpler to listen. When you are able to hear at your best, then you will be better able to stay connected and live life to the fullest. If you feel a little on the fence or undecided about hearing aids, then here are some of the benefits that can come from hearing aids, especially when worn over a sustained period of time. 

Slow cognitive decline

There have been a few studies that have linked hearing loss that isn’t treated or managed to having an increased risk of developing cognitive decline or dementia. The decline in cognitive function appears to be highest for those people that don’t wear hearing aids to help them with their hearing loss. In fact, hearing loss can actually speed up the weakening of the areas of the brain that deal with sound, making understanding speech something that is more difficult. So if you are going to wear hearing aids, and going to wear them long-term, it can be a massive benefit to your life. Your everyday life can be improved, as well as life later down the line. 

Reduce tinnitus

As part of hearing loss, you may be someone that experiences tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears, or a high-pitched noise or click in the ears. Not everyone with hearing loss will experience tinnitus, but the majority of people will. But if you are wearing hearing aids to help your hearing loss, then it can do a lot to actually reduce the annoyance that tinnitus can cause. You can have improved hearing with hearing aids, which makes ambient noise more prominent. As such, this can help to drown out the noises in your ear that are associated with tinnitus. 

Increased earning power

Believe it or not, hearing aids can actually help to increase how much you’re able to earn. There has been research into this, done by the Better Hearing Institute that found that if you have hearing loss that goes untreated, it can reduce your earnings annually by quite a large amount. The same study also found that if you correct your hearing with hearing aids, then it can reduce the risk of decreased earning potential by over 90%. So, it might not have been something that you would have thought about before, but it can make a difference to your life in a number of ways, if you choose hearing aids and choose to wear them long-term.

Better living

Hearing is such an important part of everyday life. And if you are not able to do so as well, then it can really impact a lot of things. You might have to rely more on other senses, making some normal activities like going to the store or getting the bus even trickier as you won’t know what is going on or may take more time than others to do what you might normally do. If you rely on lip-reading, for example, then it limits things that you can do from going to see a show to watching TV or seeing your children in a school play. It can also impact your work and your ability to progress in your career and in life in general. So, for a better way of living and an improved way of living, hearing aids are something that can make a real difference. 

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