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Hearing Aids Batteries

Hearing aids are highly advanced pieces of technology that require the right solutions to power features and functions. Like hearing aids, these batteries have evolved to offer the maximum power and service time available in very small packages. Now, there are four main hearing aid battery sizes, each designed for a specific hearing aid size and type.

If you are purchasing a hearing device, part of the discussion about your choices will include your ability to insert and remove the batteries in your hearing aid. Considerations will be made for those with dexterity issues, as changing tiny batteries can become an issue if you struggle to handle the device. 

Luckily, there are so many options available for hearing aids and batteries that dexterity issues aren’t problematic. HEARINC will recommend and supply the best hearing aid for your needs and the power source will always be suitable.

The four main battery sizes are:

  • 10: Color yellow, smallest regular battery.
  • 312: Color brown, medium-sized battery
  • 13: Color orange, medium-sized battery
  • 675: Color blue, largest regular battery for most powerful hearing aids

The color-coding allows for easy identification and the bright color makes finding the battery easier on a desk or table.

Here are the sizes of the four main batteries:

10: 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
312: 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
13: 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high
675: 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high

Disposable hearing aid batteries are air-activated and zinc-air powered, activating when you strip the colored tab off. When you insert the battery, it begins powering your device. When you remove the battery tray, the battery stops, which is why wearers are encouraged to leave their battery compartments open overnight. The battery will last far longer.

HEARINC offers the best prices on new batteries and we also have plans available for anyone purchasing a hearing aid. For maximum battery life, HEARINC recommends removing the tabs and letting them breathe for ten minutes prior to putting them into the hearing aid.

Rechargeable and battery-less hearing devices

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular every day. The convenience of rechargeable devices is undeniable since this removes the trouble of frequently changing small batteries. These hearing aids recharge by placing them in a case made for this purpose. 

The rechargeable hearing aid has an internal battery like a cellphone, cochlear implant, or pacemaker that is replaced only occasionally. If this becomes necessary, a hearing professional at HEARINC can quickly get you back hearing every sound again. Learn more about your power options when it comes to getting the most out of your hearing aids.