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WOW! What a difference it made in my life. I could hear the morning matter what your age, go have your hearing tested. Your life can only get better.

Cathy Hinerman

Not even 50 yet

I felt old because I was constantly asking people to repeat themselves. After having hearing aids, I felt youthful, because I wasn’t missing life.

John Blakeney

55 Years old

As far as I'm concerned, Jim and his group have done a great job for me... they first determined the degree of my hearing loss, what worked best for my problem and making sure that the devices functioned as they should.  This was at least a 2 or 3 year process from my first appointment to actually purchasing the hearing aids.  They were never pushy, but patiently worked with me until we decided it was finally time to go forward.

Ed S. (courtesy of

Canton, Ohio

Jim Morris and his team have a passion to serve our active duty and veteran military clients.  They care and professionally service hearing aids from all over our community.  The professionals at HearInc are true Patriots!!!!

Richard M. (courtesy of

Canton, Ohio

I was in several business meetings and was having difficulty hearing the conversation. I knew at some point I should begin considering hearing aids....although I did not want those big units sticking out of my ears. I was able to come in contact with Jim Morris of Hear Inc and we got to discussing my hearing situation. Jim invited me in for a free evaluation of my hearing situation. He discovered that I had issues in both of my ears. My wife and I both came in for the review and with Jim's explanation and how these will help me hear better I consented to try wearing a set. Was I pleased. I was in the car with my wife and told her I could hear the turn signals in the car. I began hearing things that I was not hearing before. Hear Inc takes the time to work with you...there is no pressure to buy. You have to want to wear the aids. Jim fit my ear and I have a streamer that connects to my I the setup.

I highly recommend Hear Inc for your hearing needs. They help you "hear the conversation" as Jim says in his radio commercials. I couldn't be happier.

Art Greenburg

Courtesy of Google+

I have had hearing loss for over 15 years. However it has only been for the past 7 years that I actually done something about it. When I initially discovered I had an issue I went to a chain store thinking that all hearing aids and hearing solutions are the same. I was WRONG! The guy sold me a pair of hearing aids that didn’t improve my hearing, it made it worse. I said it was like I was walking around with earplugs in. As a result I gave up thinking that it was better to go without hearing aids.

Fast forward to present time. I decided to give it one more chance this time did a little research before I bought my hearing aids. I discovered HEARINC and was pleased with the fact that the company had an experienced staff that was also very qualified. I met with Jim Morris who first explained that he was going to first give me a little bit of background on how hearing loss can be treated with quality and not just volume. See most TV ads and other low quality hearing aids make up for hearing loss by making everything louder. HEARINC showed me that with a quality hearing aid you can hear sounds that are crisp and clear without just making them louder. After looking at the options I had available I purchased Oticon brand because the digital technology allows the instrument to work in conjunction with your brain, it automatically adjusts and optimizes the sound. In other words you hear realistic sounds not just loud noise.

The service that HEARINC provides after the sale is what really matters. I’ve had occasions to have my hearing aids adjusted as my needs change. Every time they gave me the same top notch service they gave me when I made my first purchase. Every person at HEARINC treats me with respect and dignity. They always want me to be 100% satisfied. On an occasion they had to send mine back into the factory and they gave me a loaner pair while mine were being fixed. Even with the loaner pair they wanted to make sure that that pair was calibrated to match my hearing needs.

I’ll sum up my thoughts in a simple fashion. Buying your hearing aids is similar to buying oats for a horse. You can buy cheap inexpensive oats that have already been through the horse, or you can pay a little more and you will have clean fresh oats! The choice is yours but I can tell you I like my hearing to be crisp, clear and of good quality!

Dave Anatrs

Courtesy of Google+